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Laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints
"But you're so beautiful."
Every man, every day. And she hates it, because it's all a lie. Their words are empty, just like her. But she smiles, and looks away. Women like her, women who seem to have it all, the truth is that they're the ones that are silently begging to disappear. Inside, she's dreadful to the eye. And no one knows it better than her. Battered, bruised pieces of shattered conscience and failings, and no amount of beauty could fix it. But she pretends. Pretending is every woman's greatest skill.
"I love you."
The three words she hates to hear. She's heard them countless times, and where has it left her? Alone. She hates it even more because she can't offer anything in return. She gave herself away long ago, to a man who took it and cast it aside in one swift motion. And all she retains is a shell. And that's all that people see, so she gives it away to any man who thinks they can please her. She's just numb to it all now-pain doesn't hurt if it's the onl
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We had love, but we still said goodbye
It's funny how quickly, yet agonizingly slow time passes. Almost a year now, yes? Almost a year since I've seen your face, heard your voice, taken in your scent. Almost a year now since you ripped yourself away from our grasp. A year since I had that day with you that made my lifetime.
It's your birthday today. I never forgot. In fact, I've been thinking about it for all the months you left me to face alone. I can't even muster up the courage to send you a simple "happy birthday". What's the point, anyhow? I'll just be ignored, and left feeling empty. Just like I have been since you've been gone. You'll never see this. Hell, I hope you don't. I hope you're happy, though. And I mean that as sincerely as I can possibly muster. I'm sure you are, parading around with her as you are. Forgetting me as quickly as you did. But remember that today means as much to me as it does to you.
So I'll go, and try to forget. And ultimately fail, like any other day. Just like every other day.
:icononigirixs:onigiriXS 2 0
ADKOF-Runaway Love
“I'm sorry.”
Malik looked over at Altair in disbelief. “For what?”
“I'm leaving.”
Malik, even more confused, placed his hand on his friend's shoulder.
“What do you mean you're leaving?”
Altair looked down in shame, liquid gold eyes darkening. “I'm leaving Masyaf. Leaving the order. I'm sorry for being selfish, I just cannot take it any longer. I...I wanted someone to know. I wanted you to know.”
Malik couldn't believe his ears. “Why Altair? You're the top of our class! You have everything every assassin wants! You cannot just run away from all that's been handed to you.”
“Do you really believe that?” Altair murmured, looking away. “That I have everything so wonderful?”
“Yes! You are the disciple of the Grand Master! The only disciple of the Grand Master! It is the most coveted position a novice could have!” Malik persisted, ra
:icononigirixs:onigiriXS 4 1
ADKOF- Faults in Us Both
Malik woke to the cheering of mentors and novices alike, a fitting start to his terrible morning. Malik groaned, the sunlight streaming through his window stinging his eyes.
“What time is it?...Altair?” Malik moaned groggily.
Malik looked to the side, only to find Altair’s bed empty. Utterly confused, Malik rolled out of bed. It was odd to say the least, because most days, Allah himself could not get Altair up before Malik.
Then, it finally clicked.
Today was the skills testing, and Malik was late. Horrifically late. He mentally cursed Altair for not waking him up, and scrambled to get his uniform on before dashing out towards the training grounds.
Pushing his way though the cheering crowd, Malik struggled to take his place among the participants. Still somewhat disorientated, he searched the crowd of faces for Altair. No luck. Malik fought to even stay upright in the jostling crowd, and stood on his toes to get a better view of the training course. He cursed h
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Peanut Butter Earring by onigiriXS Peanut Butter Earring :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 2 0 Jelly Earring by onigiriXS Jelly Earring :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 0 0 Roast Lamb by onigiriXS Roast Lamb :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 7 1 Pasta by onigiriXS Pasta :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 7 0 Roast Beef by onigiriXS Roast Beef :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 8 1 Sura by onigiriXS Sura :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 1 0 Wander Earring by onigiriXS Wander Earring :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 2 1 Pokeball Earrings by onigiriXS Pokeball Earrings :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 1 0 Edward Kenway Earring by onigiriXS Edward Kenway Earring :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 1 1 Lasagna by onigiriXS Lasagna :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 4 2 Macaroons by onigiriXS Macaroons :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 7 0 Cinnamon Swirl Bread by onigiriXS Cinnamon Swirl Bread :icononigirixs:onigiriXS 5 0


at work... by philippe-art
Mature content
at work... :iconphilippe-art:philippe-art 272 18
Incomplete by opalbadcat Incomplete :iconopalbadcat:opalbadcat 19 2 flower bath by domirine
Mature content
flower bath :icondomirine:domirine 173 10
Matte Dotticure Nails by EnigmaticRambles Matte Dotticure Nails :iconenigmaticrambles:EnigmaticRambles 4 2 Rainbow Ombre Nailart by DyeritsoJazzy Rainbow Ombre Nailart :icondyeritsojazzy:DyeritsoJazzy 11 4 Manicure #172 by Best1a Manicure #172 :iconbest1a:Best1a 17 9 Manicure #174 by Best1a Manicure #174 :iconbest1a:Best1a 8 3 Lilac Tulips by MayEbony Lilac Tulips :iconmayebony:MayEbony 17 15 Manicure #176 by Best1a Manicure #176 :iconbest1a:Best1a 10 0 Blue Rose Decals by RobertsPhotography Blue Rose Decals :iconrobertsphotography:RobertsPhotography 8 0 Picnic Plaid by RobertsPhotography Picnic Plaid :iconrobertsphotography:RobertsPhotography 9 6 Paisley Nails by jeealee Paisley Nails :iconjeealee:jeealee 23 2 Manicure #177 by Best1a Manicure #177 :iconbest1a:Best1a 7 0 Plum Nails by LisaPita Plum Nails :iconlisapita:LisaPita 8 5 Manicure #171 by Best1a Manicure #171 :iconbest1a:Best1a 13 13


Starting off, I know I've been a LOT less active than I want to be, and my groups and stories have suffered. I want to promise that I'll be more active, but I know I'll be lying, so uh, yeah...

Why do I sound so formal all the time?? Comes with writing I guess.

Anyways,  after trying to navigate through my fanfic (A Different Kind Of Forever), I realized just how hard it actually is to read all the parts in order, mainly because I don't give the chapters numbers, but instead names. So, to make it easier to follow, I'll be posting every part in order in this journal, so you can always refer to it when you get all lost in this weird land of fanfictions and naked Altairs.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:…
Part 5:…

Remember, fan art is greatly appreciated! (Mainly because I couldn't draw to save my own life -.-) Along with suggestions and requests, which would keep ideas coming :) Tell me what you like, and don't like, so i know if I'm killing you cause OMG ALTY AND MAL MAL HAVE SUCH A SLOW MOVING RELATIONSHIP, MOARRRR. Or something. Or if I'm being too cliche, for example that <---…

How much can one change? After all Altair and Malik have been though, are they still the same?  From children to adults, they've been nothing but friends, and every year they grow, they drift apart. Friendships come and go, but some you just have to fight for. Or maybe, was it meant to be something more?
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My goodness, someone actually reads my stories? Oh sorry, you must be in the wrong place....


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